Custom Jewelry Designs by Steven B. Pollack

I began photographing my unique jewelry work around 1999 when digital cameras became consumer friendly. Over the years I have amassed a sizable collection of photos of original one-of-a-kind designs. While some are more or less unusual, each one was hand carved for a specific custom customer and represents a piece of me. 

Nothing here is available for sale but should be viewed as examples of a range of design styles you can mix and match for your own unique piece.


Custom Jewelry 

Inspired jewelry designs by designer Steven Pollack.


Lumbergem Furniture

Unique furniture made from exotic hardwood species like koa, bubinga, cocobolo, wenge, etc.



Do away with typical, mass-produced vanities.  In their place, envision your bathroom remodeling project with a bathroom vanity that's truly a rare find - including smaller styles perfect for crowded powder rooms. Complete your new look with an imaginative waterfall faucet and modern mirror for added flair. 


We are wholesale buyers - bypassing distributors - purchasing direct from international manufacturers . This means you'll be pleasantly surprised with the discount prices on our bathroom vanities.

Remodeling Your Bathroom?  Whether you're updating the look or you need more storage space, the innovative designs of these bathroom vanities exceed what you've hoped for. 

New Construction?  Choose a masculine, feminine or gender-neutral or vessel sink that works wonderfully for his or her bathrooms, or powder rooms.

Create Your Own Personal Sanctuary – Right at Home!

Many people think of their bathrooms is purely functional areas, but a well designed bathroom can serve as a personal sanctuary.  The privacy of a bathroom and its separation from everyday distractions such as ringing phones, noisy TVs, and the countless other intrusions into peace and quiet make it the perfect place to relax and unwind.  In order to achieve this, the room should be comfortable, beautiful and welcoming.  Bath Gems offers a range of products that make it easy to transform your bathroom from “just another room” into a haven in your home.

How a Bathroom Vanity Can Elevate Your Bathroom from So-So to Sublime

Bathroom vanities play an important role in creating a dream bathroom.  Vanities are not only attractive, they also help create order and organization in an area that can quickly become cluttered.  From the minimalist to the ornate, you can choose a bathroom vanity that fits both your existing décor and the feel you want to create.  Choose the Sophista for a sleek and modern look, or blend contemporary and classic with the Mini-Rose bathroom vanity – or choose from one of the other great styles available.  These discount bathroom vanities are as beautiful as they are practical, and can help elevate your bathroom beyond its functional roots.

Choosing a bathroom vanity starts with establishing the role you want it to play.  Do you need storage space for makeup, toiletries, and linens?  Perhaps you simply need an attractive base for a sink, or a space where you can perform daily care routines in comfort and style.  At Bath Gems, bathroom vanities are affordable, high quality, and easy to install, making it simple to choose the perfect one for your needs.

Discount Bathroom Vanities Sold Solo or in Sets

The hardest part is choosing just one from the solo vanities, sets and super sets.  Solo vanities consist solely of the vanity – perfect for a quick and easy update.  If you’d like to transform the entire sink area, one of Bath Gems bathroom vanity sets may be more appropriate; consisting of the vanity, faucet and mirror, you can create a clean and coordinated look that fits the rest of your theme.  Or you can get a complete super set with a vanity, faucet, mirror and coordinating cabinet.  You’ll have plenty of storage space, and a beautiful bathroom that creates an inviting environment.

The Best Deals on Beautiful Bathroom Vanities

If you’re looking for discount bathroom vanities that don’t compromise on quality or style, check out Bath Gems collection of bathroom vanities.  You’ll also find other great bathroom and household items to help you decorate your home the way you want to without breaking your budget.  Choose from faucets, mirrors, bathroom shelves, vessel sinks, coffee tables and more, all at extraordinary prices.  For even bigger bargains, check out the items under the “Closeouts” link.  The prices keep dropping until the inventory is gone, but don’t wait too long – once sold, these products will not be reordered!

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Chicago area showroom for viewing by appointment and free pickup from our warehouse.

GUARANTEE - You have seven days to return any purchase if you are not completely happy.  Read details during checkout.


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